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Wado Karate summer course in Spain with top instructors

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Wado Karate summer course in North Spain

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When and Where?

A Unique Wado Karate Summer course in North Spain

The datum of the Wado Karate summer course will be from Monday the 3rd of August until Friday the 7th of August 2020. A course that has been hold, year after year, since 38 years ago, first with sensei Tatsuo Suzuki and now with his most advantages disciples chosen by himself and always in the line and way of his teachings to preserve the essence of the original Wado Ryu Karate techniques.
The place for the event is Hinojedo, a small village of Suances near the cantabrian coast, 2 km. from the beaches and a wonderful well communicated point on northern Spain (Cantabria), only 5 km. from the medieval village of Santillana del Mar and 20 min. car drive from the main city Santander where you can find well-conected flights to several places of Europe.
The training will be at the sport hall nearby the main accommodation place (sport hall of Hinojedo, 10 min. walk).

Who are the professors?

Sensei Wim Massee, 8th Dan
  • Member of WIKF World technical commission
  • Vice Chairman of WIKF Europe
  • Chairman of WIKF Spain

Sensei Jon Wicks, 8th Dan
World Chief Instructor WIKF

internation karate course in north spain

Sensei J. Gonzalves, 6th Dan

  • Member of WIKF World technical commission
  • Chairman of WIKF Portugal
  • Coach of Portugal All Style Federation


The main accommodation place for the Wado Karate summer course is Hostel Paradiso.
Albergue Paradiso SL is a company dedicated to rural travel and accommodation for groups and families, offering a diverse range of free time activities from educational and environmental-related, to sports, tourism and leisure. You can find different types of accomodation as well: private rooms, apartments and beds at shared rooms.
Youth Hostel Paradiso is located 2km. from the cantabrian coast, at Hinojedo, between Suances and Santillana del Mar. This stratigical situation in the province of Cantabria allows the Youth Hostel Paradiso to be near of everywhere and very well comunicated from every point of our region: near to the beach, Santander, natural parks, tourist villages, health centre, hospitals, public transport… See virtual tour of the hostel.
Paradiso provide you breakfast, lunch and dinner and counts with cafeteria, swimming pool, adventure park, a farm and a beautiful dojo with a Japanese touch and a fitness room where you can practice by yourself during your free time or you can enjoy the beautiful towns and beaches of Suances.

If you dont want to stay at hostel Paradiso we can help you to find other types of accommodation: apartment, nearby guesthouses, hotels…





KARATE WEEK PACK: 290 €/person

Which includes:

  • Karate course training (10:00h-13:00h)
  • 6 day accommodation at the hostel Paradiso
  • Full meals (from Sunday dinner to saturday breakfast)
  • Friday wine taste/tapas & special dinner

Other Options:
  • Only karate course training: 120 €/person
  • Karate training & only meals: 230 €/person
    Which includes: karate course training + full meals (from Sunday dinner to saturday breakfast) + Friday wine taste/tapas & special dinner
  • Extra day accommodation & full meals at Hostel Paradiso: 30 €/person
  • Friday wine taste/tapas & special dinner: 20 €/person

More about WIKF SPAIN?

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